Progress in Family History Work

June 30, 2014

Interest in Family History continues to grow. This month we had eleven visits to the Family History Library by Branch Members. As members see their family trees taking shape, their understanding of the eternal nature of the family is growing. We have seen family relationships improve with the increase in communication among family members. Many members have a significant number of names ready to take to the temple to do ordinance work for deceased relatives. We will continue to work with them to increase their understanding of the vital importance of ensuring this work is done, and encourage them where possible to plan a trip to a temple this year. For those who are recently baptised we are planning a Temple Preparation Class that will begin in August.

Our Greek Language class has come to an end, and Sister Anastasia is now helping us develop our Family History vocabulary in Greek in preparation for doing community outreach in this area. We have also been speaking to the editor of a local newspaper who has indicated she would be interested in doing a feature article on We are excited to see the possibilities that might bring. Sister Linda will be a key to the success of reaching out to the community. We will recommence our work with her as our Branch Family History Consultant when she returns from a holiday to Scotland in late July.